Seminar „Self-Awareness“ with Julia Maria Thimm

„Become the Master of your Life“

19th and 20th of August 2017

in Santa Monica, CA

Self-awareness is a state that expresses both inner balance and stability as well as strength of heart and self-confidence. With self-awareness, we are able to consciously reconnect with the self-love and basic trust inside of ourselves. Those source energies unfold our potential. with that self-awareness and reconnection we are able to experience our authentic unique personality in everything we do.

We can perceive the state of self-awareness within us, as soon as we are able to recognize, accept and integrate what lies unresolved in our subconscious. Unresolved themes often emerge in the forms of anxiety, anger or pain. Through medial constellations according to Hellinger and guided meditations during the seminar, unresolved themes are given space in order to be resolved.

What you can expect in the two-day seminar „Self-Awareness“:

  • medial constellations according to Hellinger®
  • guided meditations to discover the abundance within yourself
  • recognizing what your self-esteem is in need of
  • giving room to the self-love and basic trust within yourself

In the seminar, we are working with medial constellations according to Hellinger® as well as with guided meditations to strengthen your self-awareness.


Saturday, the 19th of August 2017 from 9 am till 1 pm

Sunday, the 20th of August 2017 from 2 pm till 6 pm

You can join one day or even both days


The seminar is being offered within the Lichthof Academy with free determination of prices. This means that everyone gives what they can afford financially. Payment can be made in cash. An invoice can be issued if required.


Edgemar Center for the Arts

2437 Main Street

Santa Monica, CA 90405


Seminar "Self-Awareness"

Bitte warten …

More details to medial constellations according to Hellinger with Julia Maria Thimm as the approach in the seminar „Self-Awareness“

Introduction: We are Part of the Whole

Through the fusion of the egg and the sperm of our mother and father, we have been born into this life as a soul. Shaped by upbringing, faith as well as happy and traumatic experiences in our childhood or adolescence, everyone of us has formed and created their own world. In Addition, we have been embedded into different systems and groups through the life our parents gave us. The most impactful system we belong to is our family system, which all of our ancestors are part of.
From the systemic view, a human being is not and individual but part of a system (a whole) in which all members are interconnected and have a mutual effect on one another.

All positive events, as well as cruel fate, conflicts, traumas, exclusions and secrets that took place in our family and ancestor system, shape us in our thinking, acting and feeling. Everything that hasn’t been processed or reconciled from our family and ancestor system, influences our interpersonal relationship behavior. Especially partnerships or parent-child relationships are affected most. Thus, it’s not exclusively our own childhood experiences that unconsciously shape our way of life. Especially the themes that remain unresolved in our family and ancestor system, unconsciously control our thinking and behavior. The things that have been rejected by our system, live in conflict with or demand balance of the system, have an immense impact on our soul’s salvation that we are unaware of. So it is possible that, due to our system, we are entangled in so-called dynamics which make us experience a lack of self-esteem, inner conflict, instability and anxiety.

What are the Constellations according to Hellinger®?

Constellations according to Hellinger® is a solution- and resource oriented consciousness-raising method. Nowadays, constellations are utilized in the therapeutic area and as a tool in education, consulting and legal advice as well as in counseling and coaching. Thanks to Bert and Sophie Hellinger, constellations have also brought further insights to companies, science, legal affairs and pedagogy. This consciousness-raising method gives us the possibility to become conscious or recognize what it is in the subconscious that’s affecting our behavior and thinking, which in turn can lead us out of a conflict situation.

The self-awareness in a constellation gives us an impulse to confidently take self-responsibility for a transformation.

A constellation is being realized through participants of the seminar by so-called surrogates. The surrogates are being positioned in service of a system and show us in their behavior what affects us. Through the surrogates, we can observe what lies hidden behind an anxiety behavior, a conflict or a defensive reaction in the subconscious. We can recognize through the surrogates of the constellation what is draining energy in the subconscious and which dynamics we are bound to or involved in.

The success of the constellations according to Hellinger® lies in breaking those dynamics. Through this form of constellations, everything that hasn’t been processed or reconciled is brought to light. The medial constellations according to Hellinger® facilitate a conscious connection to what is missing and brings release. Through these conscious connections, dynamics are being interrupted. Deeply moving solution-finding processes become possible.

How do the Medical Constellations according to Hellinger® with Julia Maria Thimm take place?
The foundation of the medial constellations with Julia Maria Thimm is the new Family Constellation according to Bert Hellinger and Cosmic Power® by Sophie Hellinger.

The special feature of the medial constellations with Julia Maria Thimm is, that we begin the constellations without discussing the issue of the clients. Everybody who wants to establish a topic, brings the topic with them via their energy field. It is revealed within the constellation without having to discuss it. Even involved persons or fates are not mentioned, but are being perceived silently through the constellation. Thus, the mind takes a backseat and, via our cognitive potential, we can become witness how the elemental force of all being takes over the process of the constellations as the field of knowledge of the solution potential.

Julia Maria Thimm studied the constellations according to Hellinger® for four years at the Hellinger sciencia® directly from the source (Bert and Sophie Hellinger). Through personal experience she was able to recognize that she reaches her primal potential as a medium neutrally, „without words“.
„Without words, I can give my optimum in the service of medial constellations, as a medium of the elementary force of all being, as the field of knowledge of the solution potential“ she says.

The surrogates who are being positioned for what wants to be seen, do not know for whom or what they stand. Thus, also the surrogates remain neutral and follow their inner movement which is being led by the field of knowledge of the solution potential.

Julia Maria Thimm

„I love perceiving which connections life gives to us. Every connection bears healing.“

My Philosophy and Mindset

Physical challenges and a subconscious pattern of self-destruction awakened me to learn loving life again, with a great deal of relational support, self-love and basic trust. Consciousness work on a soul level led me onto a new path: „creating connections“.

In my work I am a medium. In one-on-one sessions and seminars, I make myself available to serve as a provider of information, soul part or bridge between worlds. I am convinced that we are all connected with the omniscient and universal field. I am happy to share information that is helpful to clients.

I love having the privilege to perceive medial contacts and their support during sessions or seminars. Every single time, it is truly a gift to experience how we are being led. So it is also important for me to let go of control in my work and allow myself to be led by trusting the universal field in humility and gratitude. My interest lies in self-worth themes, experiencing the transformation of fears and blockades and recognizing oneself.

„Creating connections“ is something I see as my mission in life. These connections can be interpersonal, to oneself or between different levels of consciousness (medial). Missing connections in the soul lead to chaos. That is due to the fact that the occurring gaps are often filled with patterns of proof, adopted fates and feelings such as rejection, anger and fear. We become entangled in matters that are not of our concern. Taking on burdens that are too heavy… until our soul is crying out.

When we are creating connections to the things that are missing in us, we gain the strength to free ourselves from the entanglements. This way, things on the other side that have been waiting for so long, can finally find peace.

Becoming whole and dissolving entanglements are the focus of my spiritual guidance to self-healing.

Everybody has everything they need inside themselves.

What is dear to my heart during the spiritual guidance to self-healing: 

• Promotion of mental health

• Promotion of psychological stability

• Learning to communicate with perceptible thoughts, emotions and external energies

• Coming into the unique potential



That makes me stay grounded, shaped my determination, strengthened my development and self-expression – Thank you.

• until 2003: Study of Business Administration, University of Regensburg

• since 2007: NLP training to become a coach (DVNLP / INLPTA), mindsystems Munich

• until 2011: Complete training of hypnotherapy (TherMedius-Institute)

• since 2011: Learning-Coach (DVNLP/INLPTA), mindsystems Munich

• until 2013: Training as a second-grade aura master with Heiko Wenig (Rosenheim)

• since February 2013: in training at Hellinger sciencia® (medial Family Constellations) – The new Family Constellations according to Bert & Sophie Hellinger and Cosmic Power® according to Sophie Hellinger